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GIF of Scavenge

Game concept by Daniel Chou. Artwork by Henry Hammond. Copy editing by Marci Chou. Scavenge ©2018 CHOU! Games. All rights reserved.

A game being played

Their trash. Your treasure.

Sprout paws and scavenge through the neighborhood's glorious garbage! Snag your own scratcher, fine salad, or colossal cheeseburger. But don't get carried away. You might cause a commotion and go scurrying!

Packed with family fun, Scavenge is the all-ages travel game where it's fun to press your luck!

Play Scavenge in between big games to refresh for 15 minutes. Bring Scavenge with you to the restaurant to keep you and your friends entertained just long enough for your food to arrive. Take Scavenge with you on that road trip because it's only cards; no counters, pieces, or dice to get lost.

It's every player against the game. There are no player vs player attack mechanics. Feel the joy when someone finds something great and the angst when you had it all but you pushed your luck one card too far!